Abdomen bloating is commonly a results of extra and trapped wind which comes from consuming sure meals.

It’s estimated greater than 5 litres of fuel is produced within the intestine every day.

Different causes of bloating can embody the physique retaining fluid or the abdomen struggling to digest sure meals.

There are 9 meals that are recognized for making bloating worse, and A.Vogel advises slicing down on these.

Meals you ought to be cautious about consuming if you wish to cut back or do away with bloating are:

Fizzy drinks (together with fizzy water) as they comprise lots of carbonated fuel.

Sugary drinks – excessive ranges of sugars will encourage intestine micro organism to provide extra fuel.

‘Food plan drinks’ comprise sugar substitutes akin to sorbitol and likewise results in a rise in manufacturing of fuel because the physique can’t take in these properly .

Darkish beers or actual ales.

Greens are good for you, however keep away from Brussel sprouts, leek, onions, turnips, cabbage and beans.

Fatty meals, notably in case your bloating after consuming is because of indigestion or acid reflux disorder.

In case you are illiberal to sure meals akin to lactose, keep away from them.

Keep away from dairy cream or dishes made with a number of the stuff, even in case you are not lactose illiberal.

Keep away from utilizing straws, consuming from bottles or chewing gum as they’ll introduce an extreme quantity of air into your digestive system.

However the natural cures firm provides there are specific meals you possibly can eat to assist.

It recommends:

  • Stay, pure yoghurt

  • In case you are constipated, meals wealthy in fibre in addition to prunes might help

  • If you happen to undergo from IBS, drink peppermint tea

Some consultants advocate taking dietary supplements to assist with bloating.

Dr Sarah Brewer, medical director of Healthspan, recommends three – probiotics, peppermint oil and artichoke. 

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