Theresa May has promised “a new chapter in our national life” after Brexit in a public plea to support her deal.

There would be a moment of “renewal and reconciliation” once the UK leaves the European Union, the prime minister said.

In a “letter to the nation”, Ms May said settling the Brexit question would allow the government to focus on the economy, the NHS and tackling the “burning injustices” in British society.

The nearly 800-word letter is the latest in her attempt to speak directly to the public to build support for her Brexit deal, which faces widespread opposition in Westminster. 

Ms May insisted that the withdrawal agreement and political declaration set to be agreed by EU leaders in Brussels on Sunday “will honour the result of the referendum” by allowing the UK to “take back control” of its money, laws and borders.

“It is a deal for a brighter future, which enables us to seize the opportunities that lie ahead,” she said.

“Outside the EU, we will be able to sign new trade deals with other countries and open up new markets in the fastest-growing economies around the world.

“With Brexit settled, we will be able to focus our energies on the many other important issues facing us here at home: keeping our economy strong, and making sure every community shares in prosperity; securing our NHS for the future, giving every child a great start in life, and building the homes that families need; tackling the burning injustices that hold too many people back, and building a country for the future that truly works for everyone.” 

Ms May acknowledged the bitter rows which have surrounded the Brexit debate, adding: “On 29 March next year, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union.

“We will then begin a new chapter in our national life. I want that to be a moment of renewal and reconciliation for our whole country.

“It must mark the point when we put aside the labels of ‘Leave’ and ‘Remain’ for good and we come together again as one people.

“To do that we need to get on with Brexit now by getting behind this deal.” 

It comes as Ms May was accused of caving in to Spain’s demands for concessions over the future of the British overseas territory of Gibraltar.

The prime minister said she would always “stand by” citizens of the Rock.

European Union leaders will meet to debate Ms May’s Brexit deal on Sunday as MPs were warned by the chancellor, Philip Hammond, that rejecting it would cause “economic chaos”.


The Independent has launched its #FinalSay campaign to demand that voters are given a voice on the final Brexit deal.

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