Dementia impacts round 850,000 individuals within the UK, with numbers set to rise to 1 million by 2025.

The situation is related to an ongoing decline of mind perform, which may trigger issues with reminiscence, pondering pace, psychological sharpness, language, understanding, temper, judgement and motion.

“Residing with dementia may be difficult. Even the best activity of creating a cup of tea can grow to be overwhelming,” mentioned John Ramsay, CEO and founding father of Shift8.

Ramsay offers 5 ideas to make sure you or your beloved’s house is dementia pleasant, offers the correct care and is as snug as attainable.


“Memory is a very powerful factor with regards to interacting with people who find themselves on their dementia journey,” mentioned Ramsay.

“Forgetfulness may be very complicated and traumatic for an individual with dementia, so refined reminders throughout the home will preserve their mind stimulated.”

This may be achieved by placing frames round the home with pictures of acquainted faces and locations to set off a reminiscence of a specific time.

Maintain as a lot pure gentle as attainable

Dementia can negatively have an effect on one’s idea of time, so when it’s daytime it’s essential to maintain as a lot pure gentle in the home as attainable, and when it’s evening time shut the curtains within the bed room to explicitly differentiate day to nighttime.

Good lighting may assist individuals with dementia clearly perceive the place they’re, what they should do and why they should do it, whereas making a darker bed room will remind them it’s the tip of the day and they should get to sleep.

Put up-it notes

Writing down the method of sure duties, resembling making a cup of tea, might help individuals with dementia keep in mind what they should do.

Sticking post-it notes on cabinets detailing their contents can be useful.

Put lists and post-it notes in related locations, for instance an inventory of cellphone numbers subsequent to the cellphone.

Maintain issues as they had been

Making adjustments within the dwelling, resembling transferring furnishings, may be disorientating for individuals with dementia.

“With dementia, short-term reminiscence can grow to be merged with long-term reminiscence, so your beloved might keep in mind the bookshelf to the left of the couch – because it’s been that means for 15 years – to immediately transfer it may trigger fairly a excessive degree of stress for them,” mentioned Ramsay.

Convey some color into the home

“Color is among the best methods to distinguish one merchandise from one other,” mentioned Ramsay.

For instance, making the chilly faucet blue and scorching faucet purple could make it clearer for individuals with dementia and simpler to get on with their day whereas avoiding accidents.

Dementia may have an effect on idea of distance, for instance the place steps begin and finish, so Ramsay recommends including a strip of color to the primary and final steps of the staircase.

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