With the sheer amount of new-build properties popping up all over London, developers are playing with interior design to set themselves apart from the herd. For me, the idea of design-led property development centres on art, culture and interior design – things that buyers can take pride in.

When I design, I want to establish a look and feel that can be identified as a Londonewcastle project. Don’t be afraid of colour; just because something is bold, doesn’t mean it can’t be sophisticated. Along with our head of interior design, Trilbey Gordon, I believe being brave when it comes to colour palettes and textures is just one of the things that you can do to dress and design your living space.

Another huge determining factor of a development’s design, according to Trilbey, is its surroundings: “We always use the location we are in as our starting point, taking inspiration from the area’s history, culture and architecture. Our concept usually combines contemporary furniture and art, complemented by vintage pieces. A few of our favourite, go-to designers include Aldo Tura, Milo Baughman, Willy Rizzo and Karl Springer; we love his authentic New York style. Something else that is crucial in our interior concepts is to use pieces from artists or designers who are local to the area. These little touches make each of our projects individual and a bit more special.”           

Aside from using aspects inspired by the local area and an experimental selection of textures and colours in the interior schemes, outside spaces are also great platforms for design. For example, a stand-out feature in many new-builds is the addition of winter gardens. Such places are intended to be an extension of the living space where residents can get more of a connection with their external surroundings, something that is a rare luxury in the heart of the city.

Further west in Covent Garden is Parker Street, our intimate residential scheme launching in 2019. The homes here will be unrivalled in central London, with most apartments boasting private terraces designed by six-time Chelsea award winner Andy Sturgeon. Innovative apartment features like this are bucking the trend of many years of high-rise living disconnected from nature. Just because you’re on the 12th or 25th floor, doesn’t mean you’re stuck within four walls.

So, how does great design and layout benefit the buyer or the tenant? Considering the target market of each development is critical in the beginning stages of design, ensuring you feel in touch with the potential buyers. “We always design with somebody in mind,” agrees Trilbey. “We try to design and create environments that people want to be in, because they feel good in them.”

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