There’s a main downside with inviting followers right into a created world. The extra you construct, the extra you should obey the principles you might have created. Immediately altering timleines and fundamental details is assured to upset a fanbase which has invested time, devotion and cash into one thing they love. The large shock annnouncement on the very finish of The Crimes of Grindelwald is a robust cinematic second and leaves the viewers staggered. It is usually unattainable. WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS FROM THIS POINT

Poor Credence Barebone has had a depressing life thus far. Adopted and abused by the horrible Mary Lou, tricked and deserted by Graves (who turned out to be Grindelwald) after which attacked, he ws presumed lifeless on the finish of the primary movie.

By some means alive (with a relatively unclear rationalization as to how), he spends the entire sequel desperately looking for his actual household. 

The movie methods audiences into pondering he’s a Lestrange after which pulls an enormous twist on the finish when Grindelwald tells Credence he’s Aurelius Dumbledore.

If that is true, it should certainly break present Harry Potter canon, and if it’s a lie it’s a soiled trick to drag on poor Credence and your complete viewers.

If Credence is mostly a Dumbledore, his parentage poses huge issues.

If he’s Albus’ sibling, the dates don’t match up. Kendra Dumbledore died in 1899 and the movie is about in 1927 that means Credence must be at the least 28. Her husband Percival died in Azkaban a while after 1890 so there is no such thing as a probability there of a secret half-sibling.

If teh new Aurelius Dumbledore is the kid of one of many three Dumbledore siblings, it additionally poses equally main issues for followers to swallow.

Albus is famously homosexual and his brother Aberforth has at all times been a resolute bachelor with no recorded relationships, which leaves Ariana, who was conveniently introduced into the Implausible Beasts 2 storyline. Was there a hidden motive why that scene with Albus and Leta Lestrange was included?

Besides, Ariana was 14 when she died, killed throughout a battle between her brothers and Gellert Grindelwald. 

Grindelwald is aware of all of this. He additionally had no concept who Credence was or that he even possessed powers through the first movie, set barely a yr earlier.

How did he uncover one thing so huge (and seemingly unattainable)? He should certainly be mendacity together with the lie that Albus need to kill Credence – one other deception to bind the highly effective younger wizard intently to him and maintain him away from the one one who may actually save Credence. 

This is sensible however will then undermine your complete influence of that ultimate scene and frustrate followers. Sadly the one different possibility is a few form of main revision of the Dumbledore household details which is able to anger followers much more.


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