Round 120 individuals within the UK are identified with lung most cancers every single day, however two-thirds will solely be identified when it’s too late for a remedy.

Because the illness doesn’t often trigger noticeable signs till it has unfold to different components of the physique, the outlook isn’t nearly as good as it’s for a lot of different forms of most cancers.

In accordance with Dr Neal Navani, marketing consultant respiratory doctor at The Harley Avenue Clinic, HCA Healthcare UK, lung most cancers represents 22 per cent of whole most cancers deaths.

Smoking is the main reason behind lung most cancers, accounting for round 85 per cent of instances within the UK.

Nevertheless, smoking is just not the one trigger, so it’s necessary to concentrate on all of the related dangers.

In accordance with Dr Navani, individuals who work as bricklayers are additionally at an elevated danger of lung most cancers.

It is because bricklayers have elevated publicity to silica.

Silica is a fabric used within the bricklaying trade and in different related industries, akin to glass making.

Publicity to silica may cause a situation known as silicosis, which is thought to extend the chance of lung most cancers.

Silicosis is a long-term lung illness brought on by inhaling massive quantities of crystalline silica mud, often over a few years.

Silica is of course present in sure forms of stone, rock, sand and clay.

In addition to rising the chance of lung most cancers, silicosis can result in tuberculosis, coronary heart failure, kidney illness and persistent obstructive pulmonary illness.

Different substances which might additionally elevate the chance of lung most cancers embrace arsenic, asbestos and coal fumes.

“Most individuals affected by these discover they’re uncovered to them by way of their work, the place they spend extended intervals of time round them,” stated Dr Navani.

Asbestos, for instance, was broadly used within the building trade within the 1960s, however was banned from use in buildings in 1999 as a result of related well being dangers.

“Although it’s now not used, some building staff should still be uncovered to it when working in older buildings,” stated Dr Navani.

In accordance with the NHS, analysis suggests being uncovered to massive quantities of diesel fumes for a few years might enhance the chance of getting lung most cancers by 50 per cent.

One research has additionally proven the chance rises by a few third in individuals who stay in an space with excessive ranges of nitrogen oxide gases, which is generally produced by automobiles and different autos.

“A number of the dangers related to Lung most cancers akin to smoking and publicity to asbestos, may be prevented by making life-style adjustments to lower this danger,” stated Dr Navani.

“Sadly, the indicators and signs that go alongside the related dangers can usually go unnoticed, due to this fact it’s at all times necessary to talk to a health care provider should you suppose you might be in danger.”

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