Corsi additionally co-authored the August 2004 e book “Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Converse Out In opposition to John Kerry,” which gathered testimony from a bunch of Vietnam veterans claiming the then Democratic presidential candidate had lied about quite a few elements of his service within the Vietnam Battle.

The Swift Boat vets drew vital media consideration and have become a significant characteristic of the 2004 presidential contest — although lots of the group’s claims have been later criticized for missing proof or being contradicted by different eyewitness accounts and army paperwork.

The group questioned how Kerry gained his three Purple Coronary heart medals, that are awarded to army personnel wounded in service. Some members who had served alongside Kerry in Vietnam claimed he lied about acts of wartime valor for which he was later celebrated.

Kerry had develop into a vocal anti-war activist after ending his service within the Navy in 1970, and had testified earlier than Congress about battle crimes allegedly dedicated by Individuals in opposition to the Vietnamese.

Kerry stated that, throughout an investigation, he had heard 150 veterans’ tales about “instances that they had personally raped, reduce off ears, reduce off heads, tape wires from moveable telephones to human genitals and turned up the facility, reduce off limbs, blown up our bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in style harking back to Genghis Khan, shot cattle and canines for enjoyable, poisoned meals shares, and usually ravaged the nation facet of South Vietnam along with the traditional ravage of battle, and the traditional and really specific ravaging which is completed by the utilized bombing energy of this nation.”

The resentment fomented by his 1971 testimony remains to be listed as a chief catalyst for the group’s formation on some affiliated web sites. Kerry’s depiction of battle crimes is introduced up greater than 50 instances in “Unfit for Command,” in response to The New York Occasions.

“If John Kerry loses the presidential election, ”Unfit for Command,” by John E. O’Neill and Jerome R. Corsi, will go down as a chief motive,” the Occasions’ Susannah Meadows wrote in her assessment of the e book.

Kerry did lose the 2004 election to incumbent George W. Bush, and the success of the marketing campaign to undermine his army file gave rise to the time period “swiftboating” as political slang for political assaults of doubtful veracity.

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