The Secret Service agent who was too late to avoid wasting President John F. Kennedy from an murderer’s bullets 55 years in the past says that the grotesque scene — and his guilt over not performing extra rapidly — plunged him right into a decades-long, alcohol-fueled melancholy that tore him from his household and practically killed him.

Clint Hill was assigned to protect Kennedy’s motorcade in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, when former Marine Lee Harvey Oswald squeezed off three pictures from his bolt-action Carcano rifle, killing the younger president.

Hill leapt into motion attempting to defend the president, however acquired to him solely after the second bullet shattered Kennedy’s cranium.

“I can see the gunshot wound. Within the room that’s within the cranium I can see that there isn’t a extra mind matter left,” Hill instructed The Solar newspaper of the UK.

“That’s one thing I might by no means, and have by no means been capable of, erase from my thoughts.”

Hill, now 86, did his finest to dam out the trauma for practically a decade as he labored to guard widowed First Girl Jackie Kennedy after which JFK’s successor, Lyndon Johnson.

However it resurfaced with a fury following his retirement in 1975.

Hill ignored his family and friends from 1976 to 1982 — a interval the place he was racked with nightmares as he tried to suppress his ache with booze.

Clint Hill
Clint HillWireImage

“I self-medicated with alcohol throughout that time period,” he stated. “I simply didn’t care about something and I didn’t wish to have any contact with anyone.

“Buddies would come by and I wouldn’t even acknowledge that they had been there. I simply ignored all the things.”

Together with his children.

“I wasn’t as near my kids as I ought to have been,” he stated. “They grew up just about with out a father — their mom raised them.”

He stop ingesting in 1982 after a health care provider instructed him he was residing on borrowed time.

However it took Hill one other eight years to work up the braveness to return to Dallas.

“Lastly, by 1990, I used to be ready to return to Dallas and stroll the streets of Dealey Plaza up into the Texas College Ebook Depository and search for on the sixth- flooring window the place Oswald shot from, after which come away realizing that I had actually carried out all the things I might try this day,” he recalled.

On the emotional mend, Hill sought to restore his relationship along with his household

“It’s solely within the final 10 or 15 years that my two sons and I are a lot nearer than we’ve ever been,” he stated — “which is fantastic for me.”

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