Tonight’s action-packed Blackpool instalment of Strictly Come Dancing saw Kate and her professional dance partner Aljaz Škorjanec dance a beautiful American Smooth.

Filling the dance floor with their flawless sweeping moves, the pair were overjoyed at their scores from the judging panel on the BBC  series.

Clearly holding her emotions at bay, Kate suddenly broke when Claudia brought up her little girl Clemency, asking the contestant to send her a message at home.

The 48-year-old newsreader managed a satisfying 30 for her routine with her Slovenian dance partner, 28, and Claudia took the opportunity to congratulate the contestant first of all.

Looking directly into the camera, Kate said: “Can I just? Clemency, mummy loves you. I’ll be back on Sunday. ‘Hello’ to Daddy too. I love you and miss you.”

The contestant’s voice began to break then, as it seemed she was fighting to get to the end of her message without sobbing.

Yet as the emotions rose on the live show, Aljaz gave his partner a supportive hug.

The judges gave their scores for the couple, and after a moment’s pause Claudia suddenly felt the need to apologise for making the contestant cry.

“I felt bad that I mentioned your babies and made you emotional,” Claudia shared. “But I’m so sorry.”

“No, thank you,” Kate insisted, grateful at the opportunity to speak to her daughter live on air. “From one mummy to another.”

Viewers praised the contestant in solidarity as they took to Twitter.

“Aw, Kate looking up saying thank you to Blackpool and hello to her children,” one person wrote.

Another commented on the scoring, saying: ”Marking about right for Kate, but I wish it was more.”

“30 for Kate and Aljaz! Will the popular vote cruise them through again?” a third wondered.

While a fourth simply declared: ”I have a major crush on Kate Silverton. Anyone else?”

Tonight also saw Lauren Steadman and AJ Pritchard receive some difficult comments from the judges.

“What? Who? It was intimate, it was amazing,” Claudia Winkleman hit back on the balcony.

“It was pretty intense this week,” Lauren shared, her voice wobbling.

“It was a very complex routine this week and you did it fantastically,” AJ then chimed in.

Strictly Come Dancing continues tomorrow night at 7.45pm on BBC One.

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