What’s higher than burrata? Burrata that’s filled with pizza fixings, perhaps.

The brand new “inside out pizza-filled burrata” creation comes from Williamsburg restaurant The Bedford: It encompasses a glob of handmade burrata, filled with herbs and marinara sauce, and served alongside Parmesan flatbread for $16.

“With how large burrata has gotten previously few years, we thought, ‘Why don’t we put the flavors of a pizza inside?’” says Sean Rawlinson, the restaurant’s co-owner and chef.

Get your telephone digicam prepared for this one: When you slice into the white wad, vibrant crimson sauce oozes out in a mouthwatering mudslide certain to get all of the “likes.”

If this all feels like one thing out of an Instagram fever dream, it sort of is. Rawlinson collaborated with skilled influencer Jared Zuckerman, who runs the social media consulting firm @FoodandCity, to hatch the tacky menu merchandise.

“The Instagram world is on the market, so after all you need one thing completely different and distinctive, however on the identical time, the flavour is right,” Rawlinson says. “We’re not simply doing one thing bizarre for the sake of being bizarre.”

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